Our goal has always been to provide the best pricing for all of our members, area schools, and the pole vaulting community.  We also have an extensive pole inventory that we have made available through our pole rental program.  If you need advice in purchasing a new pole, please call or email.  We have extensive knowledge on what is "the next pole".  We can also make recommendations to you on how to best go about building your pole inventory that will best accommodate the most athletes in your program.

Email pole orders to :  vaultworx@gmail.com  
​or text:  717-350-3883  (if you need a return call, shoot me a text and I am usually able to call you right back.)
*Quickest response is by email or text.  Usually within moments or hours.  
**To eliminate errors, before finalizing orders...we will confirm by email.  

No hassle lowest pricing we offer each and every customer:

10’8                $360
11’6                $375
12’1.5             $417

12'7"               $435
13’1.5             $460
13’7                $485
14’1.5             $515
14’7                $555
15’1.5             $575  (up  to  15’  165lbs)
15’1.5             $600   (170lbs  and  above)
15’7                $620
16’0                $635
16'5                $700 

*(S-Glass is available for some poles at an additional charge of $75.  Some larger poles are only made with s-glass and is already reflected in the price.)

**UCS specific flex charge - UCS charges an additional $20 charge for requesting specific flexes on 14' poles and shorter.  
Crossbars: $100
UCS Pole Bags: $225

3 Shipping options:
1. Pick-up at VaultWorX: $125/1 Tube (4-5 poles) Shipped via Southwest Airlines

2.  Pick-up at Southwest Terminal:  $125
3. Direct shipment: Approximately $175-$265* shipping charge.

*special access charges apply to high schools and residential deliveries

(Please inspect your items BEFORE you accept them from the shipping company.  REFUSE any single items/poles that are damaged.)
Please  contact  Matt Concannon with  any  questions vaultworx@gmail.com

We are happy to provide advice in selecting the correct pole. The most common questions are usually:
1.  What would be the next pole if my athlete is currently on a certain pole and needs the next?
2.  We are going to a longer pole, what would be the next pole?
3.  I am trying to develop a series of poles, which poles should I buy first for my program?

Please check out our pole rental program for an affordable option to rent poles for the Season.