​​​2019 VaultWorX  -  Pole Rental Program

I.  Indoor Track - December 1 - February 28th (or Nationals).  
II.  Pole Rental Period: March 1 – June 1 (or when your season is over)

10'8 Poles -  $160/ Season

11'6 Poles -  $160/ Season
12'   Poles -  $190/ Season

13'   poles -  $190/ Season
13’7 poles -  $190/ Season

14'   poles -  $210/ Season
14’7 poles -  $210/ Season

15’    poles - $230/ Season
15’7 Poles - $230/ Season

16’   poles -  $250/ Season

End of year Rentals (1 day up to 3 weeks)   -    50% of Season Rental Price.
(Example: An athlete finds that they need a larger 15’ pole right at the end of the Season at their League Meet. The cost to the athlete would be $110 for 1 day up to 3 weeks ending with States.  The cost would be the same for just 1 day at States.  We have found this pricing to be the most fair for everyone who participates in the rental program.)

Rental Exchange–
Athletes who have rented poles at the full Season rental rate,
subject to availability, will be able to exchange a rented pole for another pole.

Rental Program Benefits: Most intermediate+ athletes will go through 3 or more poles a season as their technique improves.  If you purchase a pole, you may quickly find that you need the next pole. This quickly adds up if you were to purchase each of those poles.
You also end up with a bunch of poles that you can't use. If we have the next pole available in our inventory, athletes will have the opportunity to exchange rental poles for a bigger pole.