Our Coaches

The strength of our program comes from the committed coaches at VaultWorX.  The coaches work hard to develop and teach a systematic and defined program.  We are constantly tweaking the system to improve our results. 

Coach Matt Concannon

Coach Concannon started vaulting late in high school as a junior at Solanco High School.  It was a life changing moment when the Head Track Coach Art Harrington asked me to come out and pole vault for the team.  Coach Harrington, as I thankfully learned, was a very driven, passionate and competitive coach.  As many athletes before me will attest to at Solanco, from Coach Harrington I remember finding my passion for competition in pole vaulting.  The passion turned into hard work and eventually leading to reaching some personal success of achieving goals that I would have never thought possible just a few short years earlier.  The competitive spirit and drive that I learned as an athlete, have carried to every area of my life and career.     

I first became a coach for Cedar Cliff High School in 1997.  My first intention was to help some kids stay safe and hopefully help them jump a bit higher.  I had no clue where that initial year would lead.  My coaching style is for each kid to feel encouraged to be their best.  After coaching for a number of years, most coaches realize that truly physically gifted athletes are extremely rare.  But you also realize that attitude is the most important thing for an athlete, whether they are physically gifted or not.  Pole Vaulting is a rare sport where even an average athlete (like myself) can achieve great success if they are willing to commit to the hard work it takes to improve.  My biggest hope, just like I learned from Coach Harrington, is that each athlete that I have coached will realize how much more is possible in their lives if they set goals, work hard, and commit to the standard of excellence in their lives.  

*Coach Concannon coached many accomplished athletes at Cedar Cliff, including a number of State Medalist.  As the founder and Head Coach of VaultWorX, he has gone on to see the development of many top State and National level vaulters.                 

Coach Concannon is married to Jen Concannon and has two children, Marlayna and Rowan. 

Coach Alan Woods

"Coach Alan" was a Cedar Cliff athlete who was coached by Coach Concannon from 7th grade until he graduated.  He has also been with VaultWorX from the start.  VaultWorX would never have happened without Alan's support of his encouragement,time and energy.  I think I recall Alan saying something like, "we can just let everyone pay what they can towards the bills each month".  I think they call that some type of socialism or communism or something Alan.  But it just reflects the very generous and patient nature that Alan has with everything he does.  Alan volunteered for 2 years while we were getting started and reluctantly started taking a payment in the last year.  He has a very determined and patient coaching style.  He will rarely gloss over incorrect technique, but rather be persistent with an athlete to recognize the shortcoming and work hard to correct it.    


High School:   2005 - 13'3" PR

                              - contributed to his Team's Undefeated Season and a District III Title

College:        Moravian  

                    PR - 15'7"

                    - Former School Record Holder


Coach Dave comes to us with a lifetime of coaching experience.  34 years of track and field coaching experience to be exact!  He has coached numerous state medalist including 4 state champs in various events...1 in the pole vault!  He has spent the last 8 years exclusively as a vault coach.  Coach Dave has been a huge supporter of VaultWorX from the beginning.  We worked together closely with numerous athletes that won many medals over the years.  We were thrilled to add Coach Dave to our staff in 2015 as a coach.  He is enthusiastic and has a firm grasp of our technical model.  Many athletes will leave his sessions jumping higher and feeling encouraged.  

Coach Eric Williams

"Coach Eric" was also one of the original 12 athletes who started VaultWorX.  I always remember Eric having a happy and encouraging way about him.  As a former distance runner, Eric was not the fastest kid on his team.  Although I drove him for more, he had an excellent technical jump as a high school athlete, and did some things better than most of our more physically talented athletes.  He was a strong competitor for his school and won nearly every dual meet for them.  I can always tell some of the younger vaulters who have been working with Eric, as they do some technical things extremely well.  Eric expects the best in the athletes he coaches.  He is a regular voice on our private facebook site where we post videos and feedback for the athletes.  He is often found offering to help set-up or tear down for a meet we are hosting.     

High School:  Northern

                     PR:  12'9"

College:  Shippensburg University - Student

Coach Olivia Loy

Olivia is considered by Coach Concannon as the original VaultWorX athlete.  Back when Olivia was a 7th grader, I was planning on leaving coaching completely after that Spring Season.  I had announced my intentions to all.  Coach Roseberry asked me as a favor (wink, wink) to work with a middle schooler who was coming up to just get her started.  Olivia even then, was the extremely rare athlete that every coach prays for...physically talented and had a great hard working attitude.  She jumped 9' that summer.  Move forward like 5 years to the beginning of Olivia's Senior year.  Olivia had already jumped 11'6 and had won multiple State medals.  A pole vaulter named Kathleen McPhillips from Carlisle was also entering her Senior year.  Kathleen had jumped 9'3" one time in her career.  Kathleen called me out of the blue and asked, "Coach Concannon, do you think I could come work with you guys this Fall?"  Now, I had already mentioned to Olivia earlier that year, that thank god that Kathleen did not have a lot of coaching, because she was physically one of the most talented athletes that I had ever seen in PA.  I hesitantly asked Olivia how she would feel if Kathleen came and worked with us.  Without any hesitation, Olivia said that that would be fine.  Kathleen was the last of the "original 12" who started VaultWorX.  By the end of that year, Kathleen had jumped 12'1" and in a bit of a twist of fate, Olivia and Kathleen became great friends and tied each other at the PIAA state meet to take 2nd place.  Without Olivia, I would not have stayed in coaching.  Without Olivia, I would not have challenged myself by asking, "am I a good enough coach to match her talent?"  VaultWorX truly would not exist if it were not for Olivia.     

Olivia, beyond being a super talented athlete, as you can tell from the story above, is a special person.  She is beyond encouraging with the athletes.  She is LOVED by the beginning vaulters for her encouraging style.  And she has surprised me with her ability to work with the advanced vaulters as well...girls and guys.

High School:  Cedar Cliff

                    PR:  11'7

                    School Record Holder - Indoor and Outdoor

                     Multi-year State medalist

College:    Robert Morris Univesity - Student

                PR:  12'6"

                 Indoor School Record Holder

                Conference Champion