VaultWorX started when a few athletes, parents, and coaches asked Coach Concannon to work with them over the summer (2010).  The small group grew from about 6 to 12.  Coach Concannon (with a lot of help) created a pole vaulting paradise in his backyard for the late Summer and Fall.  Several of the parents encouraged Coach Concannon to find an Indoor space to keep the fun going.  We spent about 3 months in a very dirty old warehouse on Cameron Street in Harrisburg.  From there, we quickly moved into our current top notch facility in Camp Hill. 

2. What is the cost?

The cost is $195 per month for twice a week and $135 for once a week.   (There are some athletes who do another sport and come once a week.  We highly recommend twice a week for the quickest development.)

3. What is included in the Tuition?

There are typically 2 classes a week.  This can fluctuate sometimes depending on the meet schedule or other activities.  A large selection of poles are available for practice.  Video is common practice. 

4. How do i register?

There is a link at the bottom of the home page that will allow you to register.  Registering if you are brand new or already an experienced vaulter is the same.   

5. Do we need to bring our own poles?

No.  We have more poles than you can ever use.   

6. Is VaultWorx year round?

Yes.  The year has a definite flow to it.  During the school year there is a steady build up to Indoors and eventually the Outdoor Season.  The Summer is typically a lot of fun and hard work.  We have camps, training, and fun meets to attend (including the Beach Vault).  The Fall is very focused, with lots of time to work out technical issues.  The Halloween Vault in October is a lot of fun too. 

7.  Is this a month to month commitment?

There are no long term contracts when you join.  BUT...VaultWorX is designed to be year round.  We offer an accommodating class schedule that works for most families.  There is a make-up class almost every week.  Most families recognize the commitment and sacrifice that the coaches put into the program and continue to support VaultWorX even if they miss a few practices due to vacations or other plans.  Because of that, we have not had to charge registration fees, or force commitments. 

8.  Does coach Concannon do this as his job?

For 5 years, Coach Concannon did not take a paycheck.  Most of the revenues that come in to VaultWorX went back into the program to make it the best it can be.  Recently, Coach Concannon has started to take a paycheck for his time and efforts.  The assistant coaches receive a modest payment for their time spent coaching classes The coaches typically attend meets at their own expense.  

9.  Can my high school coach attend practice?

Absolutely!  We welcome coaches to our practices.    Our goal at VaultWorX is to develop pole vaulters and support them to achieve their very best.  We want to partner with coaches.  We recognize that there are outstanding coaches throughout PA.  We want to reinforce your efforts.  During the Season, we will support and defer to an athlete's coach.  We have formed many great relationships with a number of area schools like...Dallastown, Trinity, Cedar Cliff, Carlisle , Central Dauphin, CD-East, Northern, Wilson, Cumberland Valley, Solanco, Lancaster Mennonite, State College, Hempfield, Mechanicsburg, Shippensburg, and many more.  There is nothing like high fiving a partner coach in celebrating an athlete's achievement.     

10.  Can parents come to practice?

Sure!  We have a sitting area for parents.  We ask that you refrain from coming back to the vaulting area unless you are a coach. 

11.  Is there a liability waiver?

Each athlete is required to join the VaultWorX USATF Club, which provides us with Liability coverage. 

12.  My child loves coming to vaultworx.  should i take vaultworx away from them as discipline if they don't behave?

Almost all of our athletes love to come to VaultWorX.  It is a bright spot in their lives.  Encouragement and positive reinforcement are the norm.  Believe it or not, some parents have used taking away VaultWorX as a punishment.  I am not telling anyone how to parent, but I would strongly suggest to you that taking away this bright spot in a child's life may not be the way to go.  Being involved with VaultWorX encourages discipline, hard work, and goal setting.  If you are having issues with your child in other areas, let us help you.  As coaches, we can help you hold your child accountable to other areas in their life.  That is what VaultWorX is all about.  Just ask the college athletes who check-in with us after they go off to school.  We don't ask how they are jumping first.  We want to know how their grades are and if they are staying disciplined in their life.  Enough said...