UST - EssX Poles

Email pole orders to :  

​or text:  717-350-3883  (if you need a return call, shoot me a text and I will usually call you right back.)

*Quickest response is by email or text.  Usually within moments or hours.  

**To eliminate errors, before finalizing orders...we will confirm by email.  

EssX - Power X Prep Poles:

9'0"   EssX - Power X Prep Pole                        70-150lbs                     $276

10'0" EssX - Power X Prep Pole                        70-150lbs                     $282

11'0" EssX - Power X Prep Pole                        70-150lbs                     $299

EssX - Recoil Poles:

Carbon is standard on all poles 11'6" and longer!

11'6" EssX - Recoil Pole                                    100-160lbs                    $335
​12'0" EssX - Recoil Pole                                      80-165lbs                    $365

12'6" EssX - Recoil Pole                                    100-175lbs                    $380

13'1" EssX - Recoil Pole                                    115-185lbs                    $410

Advance Recoil Poles:

 High grade carbon poles.  The Advance Recoil poles feature lighter and stronger aerospace composites to make this the most durable high performance vaulting pole available. 

13'7" EssX - Recoil Advanced Pole                    125-180lbs                   $435

14'1" EssX - Recoil Advanced Pole                    120-180lbs                   $460

14'7"  EssX - Recoil Advanced Pole                   130-185lbs                   $490

15'1"  EssX - Recoil Advanced Pole                   150-190lbs                   $520

15'7"  EssX - Recoil Advanced Pole                   165-200lbs                   $565

16'1"  EssX - Recoil Advanced Pole                   170-200lbs                   $585

16'5"  EssX - Recoil Advanced Pole                   170-210lbs                   $599

PV Crossbars - $90

HJ Crossbars - $90

*Crossbars are super durable.

2 Shipping options:
1. Pick-up at VaultWorX: $25/pole or item shipping charge
2. Direct shipment: Approximately $125-$250 shipping charge.
Please inspect your items BEFORE you accept them from the shipping company.  REFUSE damaged poles.  

We are happy to provide advice in selecting the correct pole. The most common questions are usually:
1.  What would be the next pole if my athlete is currently on a certain pole and needs the next?
2.  We are going to a longer pole, what would be the next pole?
3.  I am trying to develop a series of poles, which poles should I buy first for my program?