When:  Athletes meet twice a week for about 1.5 hours each class.  One session is typically on Sunday and another in the afternoon/evening during the week.   
**We are now offering once a week classes, but we highly recommend twice a week to see better improvement.  
Who:  We shoot for a class size of about 6-8 athletes of similar ability per coach/pit.
Cost:  $195 per month.  *Once a week is $135 per month.
Poles:  We have almost every pole made available for practice...from 10' 70, all the way to a 15'6 200 (and 16's).  We have multiple poles of the most common poles. 
*We don't allow spikes in an athlete's shoes during practice. 


What can I expect from my first class if I already have experience jumping?

  • Come ready to jump, you will fully participate in a session.
  • We will introduce you to some new stuff, but also try to understand what you are doing currently and play off your strengths.
  • Remember...relax...everyone in the group was new at some point.
  • Register for a free class to the right>>>>

What if I am brand new?

Classes -


Awesome!  That means that you can learn things correctly from the start.  Several times a month we offer a free brand new vaulter session.  Usually on Sunday at 11AM.  Sign up below for a free session.   

​Classes scheduled for 12/23 at 9:30AM.  Register below...

When can I start?
We can usually get you started with your first session within a few days.  Fill out the registration form and we will let you know when you can come for a FREE session. 

Register for a FREE SESSION HERE

Have questions?  The best way to is to shoot an email to Coach Matt Concannon at vaultworx@gmail.com.  You can also text at 717-350-3883.